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Adding intelligent technology staff can be easy if you have the right connections.

Since 1986, we've been a trusted technology staffing partner providing computer professionals to companies in the USA on a direct hire and contract basis. ComputerXperts® has a dedicated team ready to serve you, and our clients tell us that our level of service is second to none.

ComputerXperts® specializes in providing computer professionals experienced in virtually all languages, software, and operating systems. Our rigorous candidate screening and hands-on testing guarantee you the perfect fit in technical ability, knowledge, experience and personality.

We've developed an advanced, proprietary database system to track candidate qualifications, including a database of 2,200+ software and language classifications. For each applicant, we track the level of expertise and length of experience on every software package or language that they know. ComputerXperts® has this knowledge for literally thousands of computer professionals - all online, right at our fingertips.

Through reference checks, hands-on software testing and one-on-one interviews, we find out about the person behind the resume. Are they good communicators? Does their personality fit your corporate culture? Do they have the right experience and skills? It's this personal touch that helps us ensure the right match for you.

ComputerXperts® can be your technology staffing partner, too.

Technically qualified, well educated, the experience you need, the perfect fit.

We've just described the technical recruiters at ComputerXperts® as well as our direct hire and contract candidates. Our success lies in our proven ability to consistently provide the highest level of service in the technology staffing industry and to provide the highest calibre computer professionals to the most prestigious US-based companies and professional firms.

Call us today at (404) 888-0800. We would like to get to know you and learn about the culture of your company, the needs of your department, and your specific staffing requirements. Even if you don't have a particular staffing need at this moment, talk to one of our technical recruiters now so we can get started today as your technology staffing partner and find the right technology staff for you when the need arises.

You might prefer to submit a detailed staffing request or a resume on this web site. Whether it's online or on the phone - you'll be glad you made the connection.

For general information questions please email us at contact@computerxperts.com.

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